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Join us online on the 6th of May between 6:30-8pm to meet the new hosts of temporary.show, and share the work of Driven By Points Made Apart, a project supported by Arts Council Malta.

Aidan Celeste & Manuela Zammit

how to beset the stage Webinar

The artists for Innovair artists@home have finalised their plans to intervene across local essential businesses in Valletta. They have designed a zine to document the process, as well as invented signs for the windows and stalls of ironmongers.

Join us on December 5th, 10:30 to 12:00 for a webinar and take part in the process with both Johannes Buch and Aidan Celeste. 

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Together, we will look into the objects of art which inspired the work, how to make your own, and how the artists engaged a local store as if it were a city in itself. 

If you want to learn more about the project ahead of the webinar you can go here.

how to beset the stage: YOU ARE NEXT

Together with shopkeepers in Valletta, the artists Aidan Celeste and Johannes Buch engaged with locals by using their essential shops to collaborate and design a set of interventions for their windows, and stalls, along with signage. This work evolved into an ephemereal vr work for the 20s take two exhibition: 


See the VR work here until 26th of April 2021:

What a contrast! As we turn the corner to embrace the new 20s, looking back at a previous era of jazz, parties and celebration, we dream about getting together, long for moments of community and we miss each other. Artz ID is launching its first official international exhibition to attempt to redefine the current status quo of isolation and distancing and look to the 1920s as a source of uplifting inspiration. The 1920s, also known as the ‘roaring twenties, was a decade marked by stark contrasts – the Great War had just ended, peace had returned, and with it prosperity – although another war would break out not too far ahead.
Fast forward to now, we are facing uncertain times and we are also unable to plan for the future, not knowing exactly what it holds. Yet we make the most out of the present moment.
Therefore, the works selected for this exhibition create a contrast between the now and the past though a virtual escape.
This is an International exhibition featuring 10 selected artists celebrating the promises and dreams of the new now through art.
Featured Artists:
Charlene Galea
Joshua Evans-Hooper
Deimante Dociute
Suvi Karjalainen
Woosun Choi
Francesca Grech
Michela Grech
Anita Kos
Ebru Cinar
Aidan Celeste and Johannes Buch

The ’20s take 2 is in collaboration with Christine X Gallery and Art Paper. The Vr space is provided by the London based company Emperia.co.uk.
The exhibition is sponsored by I AM ltd, partially funded by Arts Council Malta through the Creative Industries Platform. 

Open Studio: Virtual Mixing

An exhibition of escapades in {virtual] reality.
14:00 27th August 2021 

This show brings together the work of Elaine Bonavia, [V]Room of requirement, and a set of off-shoots by participants, including installations with light, poetry, and ad-hoc objects of media by Letta Shtohryn, Aidan Celeste, and U2P050.

Screen Free Collaboration

In the times when physical distance is non-negotiable, can we get closer by intertwining our dreams? Can we travel in our sleep to places we are missing? Can we extend our perspectives by using a space of the dream to embody another person, a member of a different species or a plant?

Maja Renn is currently running the second cycle of DREAMING SESSIONS in the framework of the collaborative LAB between the @schauspielhaus.ch and the @zhdkcampus.

Drop an e-mail at maja.renn@schauspielhaus.ch if you’d like to get news about future DREAMING SESSIONS cycles.

/ Halt dich an der Luft in deinen Taschen fest 

The residency brings together the work of Johannes Buch and Aidan Celeste. They will use their skills in publication to revisit and curate a narrative with contributions from experts in  heritage and maritime, as well as collaborations with other artists. This research will be used to contextualise their personal interventions around the Grandharbour, and focus on its relationship to great storms. How do we deal with such a radical force of nature? How does it shape our values and engagement?

The project takes place under the guise of a reading room in the Residency Space at MUZA. It will be the main site for the artists to engage their immediate community, and invite them to contribute through workshops, events, as well to present the design of a new site-specific intervention. this includes a close collaboration with Clive Vella (Airwars, UK) and Rakel Vella (https://r4k.club/), as well as contributions by Joanne Causon Deguara (Geologist, University of Malta), among other experts from maritime and heritage.

Supported by 
Heritage Malta, MUZA
Arts Council Malta, Project Support Scheme, Research

Hold on to the air in your pockets / 

There is a boulder at rest just across the Mina tal-Foss, locals can identify the boulder with the great storm of 1982. A few more boulders stand in your path on the way to the grandharbour. They are also identified by great storms in our lifetime. This includes minor but historical gale force winds, such as the one which swept over the Bush-Gorbachev Summit in the year of 1989, as well as a viral hurricane, such as lovinmalta's rendition of Xemxija and fish sprouting out of its shoreline in March 2019. 

Ths narrative aims to investigate our relationship to a force majeure. Rather than stay passive and complicit with forces beyond our control, be it politics, climate or otherwise, the intention is to first, identify our place among others, such as your immediate community, and then go on to develop our personal reach with the making of an object of art as a catalyst.