My uncle fried it with

crested floatingheart.

Last time I visited my grandma's columbarium was a year ago.

I thought she had forgotten me.

One night a butterfly with ear wings,

landed right next to my pillow. 

She gave me a recipe about ông-lâi tāu-tsiùnn.

It used to be my grandma's private fermented bean paste,

my mother said.

She is my grandma from my mom's side. Every spring we would visit the cemetry to see her, as a tradition. This year our government asks people do it online.

 Ông-lâi tāu-tsiùnn is a pineapple

paste fermented with soy .

I cut off its crown first,

after the peeling,

chopped it into cubes. 

This is the soy Qū, it's fermented soy.

it would be mixed with salt and sugar.

This is the mixture of soy Qū, salt and sugar.

And I laid the pineapple cubes and the mixture layer by layer.

I poured some 40% ABV rice wine into the bottle,

and sprinkled few slices of mesona on the top.

Not too much, just like this.

The bottle was put into a dark place. 3 months later, it would be done.

I brought this ông-lâi tāu-tsiùnn to my grandfather in the spring,

The crown of pineapple could be

planted back to the earth,

but I didn't.

Few weeks later,

my grandfather sail me around in the Kaohsiung harbor,

"Is that the way out to the harbor?" I asked him, he said yes.

We said nothing about my grandma, we didn't know how. 

I think they enjoyed it.